Glenda Harvey

Math Tutor – Albany

This program really helps kids. Every single day, you can see Math Corps build up their confidence.

Len Olson, Math Tutor

Glenda Harvey, Math Corps Tutor, Robert H Harvey Elementary School

Glenda has always found her purpose in serving others. Before tutoring with Math Corps, she was a volunteer at her daughter’s school! She loves many aspects of serving but says that watching the impact the program has on the students is the best part. She has seen firsthand how students’ confidence can blossom over just a short period of time. 

Every day as a math tutor, Glenda helps students build a strong foundation of math skills. She is a strong advocate for Math Corps and firmly believes that if there were more tutors in more schools, all students would have a better chance at a successful future. “Trust me, you would see a difference!”

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You’re teaching kids, but they’re teaching you as well.

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The students make it all worth it. I’m shy and I don’t have a teaching background, but the students helped me. They show me the difference I’m making.

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